WARNING!!! I'm sarcastic, weird, artistic, my name is Lily, I'm also honest, I'm an artist, i do what i want with my art, i don't often care, if you don't like tegan and sara then we can't be friends. aaaannnnddd,,,I'M A LESBIAN!!! I'm also 18 and from Connecticut. i've got a soft spot for butches/androgynous chicks too


If you don’t like the following things then we can’t be friends

If you don’t like any of these things then I can’t talk to you:

1. Tegan and Sara

2. paramore

3. Movies

4. YouTube

5. Batman

6. Music

7. Scott pilgrim

8. The L Word

9. Orange Is The New Black

10. Skins

mydebitpin-666 asked
reproduction is not replication, you will not grow up to be your parents but a mixture of both them (in addition to your environment) cut yourself some air and relax your chest, there is only one kind of you on earth and i hope you make the best of what it is, even if it's the worst it's still something , you're going to be ok

Thank you hon

Constant reminders

I’m constantly reminding myself of things

Constantly Reminding myself that my mind doesn’t work right.

Constantly Reminding myself that I’ll never be normal.

ConstantlyReminding myself that I’m alone.

Constant reminders that I’m a fucked up kid.

Constant reminders of my anxiety, and how much it takes over me.

Constant reminders of how I’ll never be what my parents want.

Constant reminders


Both Paramore AND Tegan and Sara songs play at the dunkin donuts I was asked to work at for a few days in Walmart. I THINK I COULD WORK HERE

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The "God is still speaking" campaign's symbol is a comma. The comma symbolized the words of a woman named Gracie Allen who said, "Never place a period where God has placed a comma." ucc. org To find an open and affirming church near you :D Anyways, Hi, I'm Skylar- I'm from connecticut too.

Hmm. Interesting. And what part of CT you from?