Lily | 19 | From Connecticut | aspiring artist | professional LESBIAN | studio ghibi fan | if you don't like tegan and sara then we can't be friends.

Adventure time is my life and I ship princess bubblegum and marceline the vampire queen. Paramore is also my life and if you don't like them then go fuck yourself.

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I went outside and watched this entire sunset. And it made me think that I’m not worthless for a few seconds. And then I remembered why my ex dumped me and got sad again

I’m really just tired and don’t wanna deal with life

Hi I’m Lily and most of the time I look like a tool. Then the other times I look like a complete retard. Welcome to my life

theoneraisedbyavillage asked
It took about 5 years for my mom to fully come around. When she would say something negative I wouldn't talk to her until I felt she learned a lesson. She wouldn't say sorry, but i can she knew why I wouldn't talk to her. Just give it a little time:)

Thank you hon I’m just tired because it’s been a year already and the stuff that I post isn’t really lesbian related but it’s got lesbian youtubers and I’m just tired of having to restrict myself to what I can and can’t post

A lesbian rant about fucked up homophobic family members

Ok so my mom called me into her room tonight to talk to me about something. When I asked what was up, she said for me to stop posting “lesbian content” on my Facebook. Her literal words were “I love you no matter what but all this lesbian stuff just goes right through me” and at that point I threw my hands up and walked out because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be able to hold my tongue and would say something hurtful. Literally the only stuff I post are videos of my favorite youtubers that I find funny. Yes they’re mostly lesbians but they’re funny and make me laugh. So naturally I share their videos. I’m just so tired of having to “tone down” who I am for her liking. Like I’m so fucking sick of it and I don’t have anyone to vent to about this. I hate it so much and still remember the day I came out she looked at me and said “why me? Why my daughter?” And I can’t tell people enough how angry that made me. I’m just sick of it…

Bleh I’m bored


My kik: MiniLittleHayley

Walking in the rain part 2

Tired, soaked, and gay as fuck

Walking in the rain part 1

The sarcasm overload is something I’m not sorry for